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Personal tax advice & planning

If you are seeking advice and guidance for personal tax issues, it’s highly likely your circumstances are not run-of-the-mill.

personal tax planning advice london

You may be a high income earner, have overseas or non-domicillary tax circumstances, be facing inheritance tax problems or perhaps capital gains tax on investments.

CBW has a team of professionals familiar with a wide range of personal taxation issues and scenarios and can help you develop a plan to manage them in the most tax efficient way possible.

We will help you develop a personal financial plan to manage your tax situation and even make the filings for you.

Our tax advisor will meet with you and review your personal circumstances and help you with the best course of action for a wide variety of personal and business related situations. Some of the areas we have helped answer questions on include;

  • How do I put together a personal financial plan? Indeed, what is a personal financial plan?
  • As a company director, is it best to take a salary or be paid a dividend?
  • I have some valuable assets I’d like to sell; what’s the most tax efficient way to do this?
  • I’ll be working overseas on a contract for the next 18 months; what impact will this have on my UK tax liabilities?
  • I have a new job in the USA and am planning to move my family to the USA; how’s this going to affect my UK tax and national insurance position?
  • What’s the best way to plan and save for the university education of my children?
  • I have an inheritance windfall; how can I maximise it’s value and reduce my tax exposure?

restassuredRest assured, if you have questions and need personal tax advice or a situation you wish to discuss, it’s likely we’ve experienced this before and have a solution for you.

Call a CBW personal tax advisor and planning specialist today and come in and talk to us.