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CBW rated one of the ‘Top Accounting Firms in London 2016’ by Advisory HQ

Archive 15.04.2016

Advisory HQ – Fastest-Growing Financial Review & Ranking News Media – ranks CBW as a top Accounting Firm in London. The key factors that enabled CBW to be ranked as a top accounting firm in London are as follows:

Advisory HQ writes: ‘As a busy professional, many things require your daily attention, and managing your financial resources likely ranks high on that list. As such, you, like many other individuals and businesses, may benefit from utilizing the services of a trusted London-based accounting firm. Whether we are talking about personal wealth or professional wealth, knowing how to navigate finances, keep appropriate records, and utilise expert knowledge to comply with tax regulations is imperative. However, finding a reliable accountancy firm in London may not be as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of accountancy firms in London alone, and not all of them offer services with your best interest in mind. With such a vast sea of accountants in London to choose from, how does one know which is the best? What criteria should one consider when making their selections? Lastly, how does one even find this information? At AdvisoryHQ, we have created a breakthrough, top-down methodology that we utilised in narrowing down a plethora of accounting firms in London’. Please click here to read the full article.  To speak to a member of the CBW team, please do email us.