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Archive 20.05.2016

The Euros 2016 are finally here!

Large sporting tournaments can have a direct impact on employee attendance.  Employers may experience an increase in sickness absence or holiday requests as well as internet usage. There is still time for employers to get match ready.

How can employers tackle such issues?

1)  Know when matches are due to take place. Check current availability of staff on match days to ensure there won’t be any obstruction to business activity. ACAS recommend that there should be flexibility on both sides as this is ‘key to a productive business and engaged workforce’. For example, if an employee submits a holiday request at shorter notice then normal then employers should consider whether this is acceptable as the tournament is only short–term (ending 10th July 2016). Policies and procedures need to be applied consistently to avoid any employees feeling they have been treated less favourably than other colleagues.

2)  If an employee should call in sick then do not automatically assume that it is foul play. Assume it is genuine. Consider the bigger picture. A robust sickness absence policy will go some way to help here.

3) Employers may well want to consider other flexible working options such as the use of ‘time off in lieu’ and flexitime. These may not suit all organisations but could be worth considering during the tournament.

4)  Internet access could be abused throughout the Euros as employees try to watch matches live or use social media to keep up-to-date with scores etc. A clear and concise IT/ internet use policy can help to avoid this.

Let us referee the situation for you

There is still time for our HR Consultancy team to draft or update essential policies such as attendance management, sickness absence & reporting and internet use for your organisation. These policies are extremely beneficial in helping to set your expectations to your employees.

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