Insights 03.5.16 Author: Paul Woosey

The new Annual Confirmation Statement to replace the Annual Return from June 2016

Insights 03.05.2016 Author: Paul Woosey

From 30 June 2016, the Annual Return will be replaced by the ‘Annual Confirmation Statement’, or ‘Check and Confirm’ as Companies House is branding it. 

This requires all UK companies  and LLPs to confirm, once every 12 months, that the information held by Companies House is both up to date and accurate.  The idea is to prevent companies having to resubmit the same data, already filed within that 12 month period, so as to reduce administration.

So, rather than having to re-submit filed information, companies and LLPs will now only need to ‘check and confirm’ the data already held at Companies House and report and submit any changes to the confirmation statement. There is no fixed date as to when the confirmation statement needs to be made, but it must be no longer than a 12 month period and once a confirmation statement has been made, a new 12 month period will commence.

Although the confirmation statement includes some of the information covered by the annual return, there are still some significant changes which are as follows:

  • Confirmation that all the information in relation to the registers which is required to be delivered and maintained to Companies House has been done so
  • Supply the information on a company’s PSC register or confirm that this information is available at Companies House, and up to date
  • Confirm if the company is exempt from keeping a PSC register

Further information

CBW is on hand to help you overcome these changes. We are also able to advise in terms of the new PSC register requirements, please click here for more information.