CBW’s Cost & Procurement Service

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Archived Post

It might sound too good to be true, but an increasing number of clients using our Cost & Procurement Service are finding they can make savings that far outweigh their accountancy fees.

As a firm, we’ve saved tens of thousands of pounds through using the Cost & Procurement Service in-house. Some clients have seen savings of up to £100,000 a year through working with the service.

What does the Cost Management Service do?

The Cost & Procurement Service is an outsourced procurement solution that will focus on reducing your indirect expenditure, delivering pure profit to your bottom line. Many of our clients have internal procurement resources, but they do not have our knowledge, buying influence, analysis tools or expertise in areas of indirect cost. For example, we employ career procurement professionals who work solely in the areas of logistics and packaging, and our energy and communications expenditure is brokered using millions of pounds of economies of scale. Our team of specialists will carry out a no obligation review of your cost base to identify where we can save you money, through process improvements, cost optimisation techniques, and by using better value providers who are vetted for quality. Average savings in common services or products used by many businesses include:

  • electricity: 21%
  • merchant card fees: 27%
  • electricity: 21%
  • stationery: 35%
  • palletised freight: 13%
  • freight forwarding: 20%
  • packaging: 30%
  • janitorial products: 30%
  • gas: 18%
  • couriers: 30%
  • print: 16%
  • cleaning contracts: 20%
  • food: 18%

What will it cost?

Our service is performed on a no win, no fee basis, so it’s completely risk-free. If we can’t identify any savings at a level that is pre-agreed with you, then we will not be paid for our work. When we do make savings, your fee is calculated as a proportion of the amount save, so you will always gain financially.

From a cash flow perspective, you’ll pay nothing for our service until you start receiving the benefit, whilst our ongoing monitoring process means that we’ll report savings to you, monthly or quarterly, so that you can see your savings clocking up.

Further information

Please contact Head of General Practice and Partner, Paul Woosey as below, for more details or to arrange a risk-free, no obligation health check of your business costs.