Picture your future – Cashflow Planning

Archive 13.07.2016

A breakthrough in understanding your financial position through your lifetime

Traditionally, financial planning has been a checklist affair:

Mortgage, tick; ISA, tick; insurance, tick; pension, tick, etc. The problem however, was that even with all the boxes ticked you might still not understand whether or not you would retire wealthy or poor….or somewhere in between. You had even less idea about what the implications would be if you wanted to (or needed to) retire  early.

This is where CBW’s personal cashflow planning service comes to the fore.

See when your money will run out and understand the impact of your options

CBW’s Cashflow Planning service answers your crucial question of “When will my money run out?” However, it tests any number of “what if” scenarios. For example, what would happen if you:

  • Retired 10 years earlier?
  • Bought a yacht or holiday home?
  • Helped your child buy a house?

“Lifetime cashflow planning gives you instant clarity in understanding your financial position over your lifetime’’

Tony Lesser, Managing Director, CBW Financial Planning

On the flip side, we can also explore your “what ifs” relating to income and investments. For example, what would happen if you:

  • Sold your business for £5m? or £2m?
  • Downsized your home?
  • Increased your savings for the next 3 years? or 10 years?
  • Decreased the risk profile of your investments portfolio?

Graphic understanding, instantly

“A picture tells a thousand words” has never been more relevant. The true value of CBW’s service is not the complex number crunching that goes on behind the  scenes but that you will instantly see the answers to your questions and you will have clarity about the financial implications of all the choices you make – not just for now but for the decades ahead. The resulting graphs are beautiful in their simplicity. For most people who use this service, they have their ‘light bulb moment’ at this point.

Get serious about your future

This service will help you to develop a strategic understanding of your changing money position as you progress through the key stages of your life. It also clearly indicates what choices you could be making now to change your future.

Further information

If you would like to explore your financial future and the options you have for changing that future, please get in touch with our Financial Planning team.