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Articles 28.07.2017 Author: Rebecca Britton

Mustie Smith is a graduate on our ACA programme. Read about his professional development and what he enjoys most about working at CBW.

The recruitment process

“The recruitment process was challenging but also fun at the same time. Throughout the process, you really get to see what the personality of the company is by the people you meet and it stays consistent throughout the process from beginning to end. It’s quite reassuring to know that what you see is what you get and the firm isn’t trying to sell you great images whilst secretly hiding a terrible environment.

The interviews and assessment day were not a walk in the park and I was definitely nervous, but after preparing it was all okay in the end. There was also a lot of pizza on the assessment day which made everything okay.”

The working culture

“It’s a ‘work hard, play hard’ kind of organisation. Everyone here works very hard and all the senior members of the team are always willing to answer questions from juniors to aid understanding, learning and development. You’re not expected to overwork yourself all the time and most people stay no later than 17:30/18:00 depending on when they start. There are times where you may need to stay that little bit extra to get the job done but this isn’t a regular thing. Most of the time if you communicate with your manager about what’s taking your time on a job you’re working on, they’re more than willing to help you finish it faster and give you feedback on how you can improve for next time.

Everyone here also loves to play hard as well. Any day of the week there could be something sociable happening like spontaneous drinks after work, badminton, football etc. We almost always have cake in the kitchen and from time to time over lunch you can hear the foosball table being used in the kitchen. We also have an annual summer BBQ and Christmas party so there’s always something fun to do.”

What do you enjoy the most about your job role?

“The thing I enjoy the most is going out of the office to meet our clients. I enjoy the change in environment and meeting/working with new people and clients because it allows me to really use my interpersonal skills and really get to know our clients more. This means we can do a better job working with them.”

Typical day at CBW?

“A typical day at CBW usually involves cake or some other kind of tempting treat in the kitchen (fruit is also included), about five social trips to the kitchen throughout the day for tea/coffee, some banter over lunch, all whilst trying to finish the job you’re working on for the day in enough time so you can either study after work, go to the gym, or the popular option – go to the pub. It really is a ‘work hard, play hard’ kind of company and as long as you get your work done, everybody is happy.”

Most memorable moment so far?

“My most memorable moment at CBW so far has been the Christmas party, that all graduates were invited to even before we started. It was such a great way to meet everyone at the firm and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It made me feel like I was part of the firm straight away and made me look forward to my first day in January.”

How has CBW helped your professional development/career so far?

“Working at CBW has really helped my professional development by exposing me to so many different areas of an audit file quite early on. It’s amazing how much you learn and retain in such a small space of time without realising but it really is great to know that everyone is there to help you continue learning and developing. It’s also great that I’ve been encouraged to use what I’ve learnt whilst away studying at college at work but in more practical and realistic scenarios. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I know I’ve learnt a lot so far.”

Are you going to be one of our next ACA Graduates?

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