Insights 05.4.18

Staff exchange success for CBW

Insights 05.04.2018

Carter Backer Winter (CBW) is receiving extra assistance through DFK’s staff exchange programme.

CBW has welcomed Justin Hester from DFK Kidsons in Melbourne, Australia, for a 12-week secondment. The staff exchange has given Justin the opportunity to work at a different firm while experiencing living in the busy city of London.

He said: “Taking an overseas secondment has been an amazing opportunity to experience something different from the norm.

“Not only have I been lucky enough to experience a different workplace and to expand my professional development, but it has also given me the opportunity to build new connections and immerse myself in a completely different world.

“Everyone at CBW has been wonderfully helpful and accepting; and while the workplace culture differs largely, the kindness of my colleagues here reminds me of those back home.

“While I have visited London before, each time worth remembering, living here has given me a deeper appreciation for the city. There’s always something to do and see, and it’s been incredible to live in a city so rich with history, a concept that isn’t as prevalent in a young country like Australia.

“My time here so far has been wonderful, and I am soon looking forward to six weeks of travel after completing my secondment, where I plan to explore UK and Europe, and take advantage of all the places that are just a leap across the border.”

The staff exchange comes after CBW colleague Zarish Rehman took part in a 12-week secondment at DFK Kidsons last year.

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said: “The DFK staff exchange programme is really successful.

“It is a great way to provide a unique insight in to how other firms operate and gain valuable experience both professionally and personally. It also has the added value of strengthening relationships between DFK firms whilst introducing DFK to a new generation.”