News 02.5.18

New Chairman of DFK UK & Ireland

News 02.05.2018

DFK UK & Ireland press release: DFK UK & Ireland has appointed a new chairman – the head of the national group’s ‘Firm of the Year’.

Peter Winter, managing partner of CBW, takes over as chairman of the UK and Ireland national group of global accountancy association DFK International on Tuesday, May 1. CBW, the UK top 50 full-service accountancy firm based in the City of London, joined DFK International in 2015 and was named DFK UK & Ireland’s Firm of the Year in 2017. Peter succeeds Bob Law, former chief executive of Langdowns DFK based in Hampshire, who has held the post for the last three years. As chairman, he also becomes a member of the DFK International board of directors.

He is keen to build on Bob’s success at encouraging UK and Ireland member firms to become fully engaged in the international business aspects of the national group to make it stronger. During Bob’s chairmanship, there has been greater participation across all areas of DFK, from attending international conferences to members taking on prominent positions within the association, including among new member firms such as CBW. The award of firm of the year was in recognition of CBW’s active involvement at a national and international level which has included introducing new ideas and initiatives.

Peter said: “Bob has made a significant contribution as chairman and I want to build on his achievements to ensure we have a thriving and successful national group where everyone feels that they are getting value and are fully engaged internationally and nationally. “DFK UK & Ireland is in a strong position and we would like to add a few more firms in strategic areas that will strengthen our coverage. We would also like to leverage sector expertise so that every firm can benefit and share that knowledge with clients.”

DFK UK & Ireland has 18 member firms operating from over 30 offices within major geographical centres in England, Scotland, Ireland, The Channel Isles and Isle of Man, providing a full range of accounting, audit and taxation services for businesses and private clients. Bob has been part of DFK International since 1998 when Langdowns DFK joined. The annual DFK UK & Ireland Young Professionals and Managers Conference in Cork at the end of April was his last official engagement as chairman.

He said: “I am really sorry that my involvement in DFK has come to an end. The last three years has been a really interesting time and I can be very pleased that I am leaving DFK UK & Ireland in very good shape and in very good hands. It is stronger for a number of reasons and I would like to thank all of the members and our executive officer Caroline Cassidy for their contributions and such great support.”