Insights 23.3.22

Introducing the new CBW Financial Planning website

Insights 23.03.2022

We are delighted to present the new CBW Financial Planning website. Although our financial planning team of 18 are proud to be part of the CBW family, our department has grown over the years by number of team members, clients and services we offer.

It therefore feels an appropriate time for us to launch our own website to really help articulate what we do and to provide additional resources and support to our clients.

This website has been carefully created and tailored to suit the needs of our financial planning clients and contacts. We hope you enjoy exploring the breadth of services we offer, and ways in which we can support and help you build and protect your wealth.

Visit the new CBW Financial Planning website now

We’re created this website based on the questions we get asked by our clients, and advice we give, on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking for a good place to start, you might like to visit our video library which has clear and concise videos on all the ways we can help you in pre-retirement, enjoying retirement and the services we offer to business owners. We’ve also included a section on what the client journey looks like when you work with CBW Financial Planning so you know exactly what to expect from working with us. Finally, it takes an exceptional team to produce outstanding results; do take a look at our meet the team section where you can really get to know the Financial Planning family on a whole new level!

If you have any questions regarding the new Financial Planning website, please contact Chris Clayton.