Agata Bagniuk

  • Undergraduate Course: Psychology Bsc
  • University Attended: University of Essex

How long have you worked at CBW and what is your role?
I have worked at CBW for a year now, started in January 2016. I am on the ACA Graduate Trainee scheme within the Audit and Accounts department.

Can you describe a ‘typical day’ at CBW?
It is hard to describe a typical day as no day is the same as the other. Generally as I work within the General Practice department. I either prepare the yearly accounts for a company or undertake an audit, completing audit tests and files; however I have also done work for the other departments such as Financial Planning. Even though technically, the work that is required is similar to each other, the wide range of clients and different companies that CBW work for means that each job assigned to me is slightly varied from the next. This makes for a nice and interesting change. When I first started the job I was given basic tasks to do such as audit testing and with time as my knowledge and experience increased I had been given more responsibilities and more challenging work.

How does CBW demonstrate its core values (Integrity, Care, Pride, Innovative & Quality Service and Loyalty) to staff?
I feel that CBW really cares about its staff, and this is shown in the many events that are put on for the staff such as the annual Christmas Party and the General Practice away day. There are also smaller events occurring frequently such as the pot luck lunch (people cook and bring in lunches) or decorate your desk with Christmas decorations competitions that make for a friendly and slightly competitive atmosphere in the office, with any proceeds going to charity. CBW are always striving to make our lives in the office better using the suggestions box and a weekly ‘ How Are You Doing’ questionnaire where you can tell HR of any problems or suggestions that you may have. This resulted in many things improving in the office, such as the daily fruit in the kitchen and ping pong table tournaments during lunch.

Which team do you work in and how do you work together?
The teams that I work in vary from job to job as each client typically has a partner and a manager working for them, with the audit teams being chosen afterwards. As I am an audit junior, at the moment I normally work and report to the audit senior on the job. This means that you get to know the different people within your department quite well and quickly which is vital to be able to work in a team effectively.

How has working for CBW helped your professional development/career?
CBW had given me the opportunity to start my professional development and career by allowing me to study the ACA qualification through the graduate scheme. The scheme runs for 3 years during which I attend college during working hours as well as gaining the necessary work experience and training in the office or at a clients.

What has been your most memorable moment at CBW?
I think my most memorable moment was when I was sent out for an audit to a client on my own. This was 8 months after starting the job and it was a really good experience to be given. It was a lot of responsibility relatively early on in my training and I learnt a lot from it.

What is the best thing about working at CBW?
The best thing about working at CBW are the people I work with as they know the process I am going through by training and working simultaneously and are always here and happy to help with any little question I may have. This makes for a more enjoyable environment to work in.