Daniel Constant

  • Undergraduate Course: Accounting and Financial Management & Information Management
  • University Attended: University of Sheffield

How long have you worked at CBW and what is your role?
I have worked at CBW for 2 years, which means I have 1 year left in the graduate trainee scheme. My role is in the general practice department as a semi-senior where I mainly prepare accounts or work on audits.

Can you describe a ‘typical day’ at CBW?
It’s difficult to describe my typical day at CBW because my time is split between working from the CBW office, going to college and working at different clients. This means each day is different and provides new and exciting challenges.

Most of my jobs that I have worked on involve audit work therefore I will be working with an audit junior or audit senior throughout the day. Some jobs last a couple days and others may last for a few months. Audit work can be done from the CBW office or on site at the clients.

How does CBW demonstrate its core values (Integrity, Care, Pride, Innovative & Quality Service and Loyalty) to staff?
CBW demonstrates its core values to its staff and it is evident every day. From the ‘How’s it Going’ survey which we can fill out every day where we anonymously communicate our mood and our concerns to holding a table tennis doubles tournament. Staff are regularly updated on new events that CBW are putting on such as the first Thursday drinks of the month night or any improvements made in the office such as free fruit in the kitchen or a new coffee machine.

Which team do you work in and how do you work together?
I work in the general practice where I work on accounts preparation jobs or audits. I have also spent time working in other departments such as the financial planning, forensic and CR&I departments.

We work together as a team by lots of communication and helping each other. During my first year at CBW I found that all the audit seniors and managers were more than willing to help me with my work and, more importantly, they wanted to help me understand the work I was doing. Now I am two years into my contract I am able to help juniors with their tasks and understanding of audit and accounts prep.

How has working for CBW helped your professional development/career?
CBW has given me the opportunity to start my professional career which has enabled to me to work with many different types of interesting clients. Further to this, CBW has given me the opportunity to undertake the ACA qualification. They have provided college tuition during working hours to study and take the ACA exams.

What has been your most memorable moment at CBW?
There have been many memorable moments for me at CBW but I think my favourite would be the General Practice department’s away day. Each department has their own day each year where they go out of the office to do fun team building activities. Earlier this year the General Practice department spent the whole day playing dodgeball, table tennis, cricket (which I have never played before) and paddle tennis (also which I have never played before). It was memorable because I had lots of fun and I was able to get to know people in the department even better.

What is the best thing about working at CBW?
For me, the best thing about working at CBW is the people and the opportunities to train and progress my career.