ACA Trainee, first year

Graduate vacancies

Lauren Foster

  • Undergraduate Course: Accounting & Finance with a placement year
  • University Attended: University of Kent

How did you find the recruitment process for a spot on our Graduate Training programme? What would have improved the process?
Communication throughout the recruitment process was really good. I always knew what to expect at each stage and was made to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the interviews. The final stage graduate day was surprisingly enjoyable, and gave me a great insight into the CBW culture by chatting to the current grads and other staff members.

What is the best thing about working at CBW?
It sounds like a cliché, but the people are definitely the best thing about working for CBW. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, and always happy to take the time to help you with any questions you have.

What do you enjoy most about your job role?
I definitely enjoy the variety of the job the most. Working with different clients and dealing with different situations keeps the job interesting and means you are continually learning on a daily basis.

How would you describe the working culture?
Everyone we are working with has been in our position at some point, so understand the struggles of juggling work, exams and maintaining a social life! Many people are more than willing to take the time to pass on their support and knowledge, whether that be work or exam related, in order to help you develop.

What element of your job role do you find most rewarding?
I find the continuous learning and development the most rewarding aspect of my job. It’s motivating to be able to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge already gained within such a short space of time of working at CBW.

What has been your most memorable moment at CBW so far?
My most memorable moment was probably attending the Christmas party before even starting work at CBW. It was a really fun night getting to know everyone in a less formal setting, and definitely made the first day less daunting!

Can you describe a ‘typical day’ at CBW?
No one-day is the same at CBW. It varies between completing an accounts prep job in the office, to staying on an away job for an audit client, to being in the classroom studying for your exams! The company’s extensive range of clients means you are learning new skills every day and gaining a broad range of experiences.

How has working for CBW helped your professional development/career so far?
From the start of my training contract I was given a good level of responsibility, so began learning from day 1. Attending college and completing exams alongside working life has really helped me apply my technical knowledge to real world situations.