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Ian Wells

Senior Financial Planner
t: +44 (0)20 7309 3888

Ian joined the profession more than 20 years ago. He offers life centred financial planning which focuses on your life first, the lives of your loved ones and then your wealth.

His clients often remark that meetings are thought provoking and not what they had expected to come from a financial planner. The logic of this approach is that the true value of money is in its utility. It is the enabler for us to live the best life possible.

This approach naturally leads to thinking about all generations of a family. Ian has studied advanced qualifications from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Estate planning is measured by the extent to which the wider family flourish and not just with reference the FTSE 100!

In addition to achieving Chartered Financial Planner status, he has become interested in behavioural finance. This helps him understand what drives the financial decisions people make, and thereby to help them avoid falling into traps or making mistakes.