Resources Guides 20.12.17

The importance of keeping wills and intergenerational planning up to date

In a world were legislation is changing at an alarming rate, we are seeing an increasing number of clients coming to us, who are facing significant problems and/or financial loss due to ineffective or out of date death planning.

There are substantial risks in not reviewing financial and estate planning documentation regularly. Keeping your documents up to date, valid and relevant (and in a safe, accessible place) is essential. If your overall planning is also not thought through and arranged in a logical, sensible and effective way you could be opening your estate to a number of unintended consequences and difficulties and in some cases your legacy may not even end up where you intended it to go.

We have summarised just some of the very real and costly examples that we (and others in our industry) have encountered. All of these could have
had a better outcome with proper planning, sense checking and regular review…