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The Finance Act 2015 – How does it affect your clients?

How will the significant changes affect you of your clients?

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Property Tax update

Structuring a property transaction is more important than ever: get it right and you cash in on tax savings – get it wrong and you get stung by tax bills.

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Follower notices and accelerated payments

What are the options for individuals facing the fallout from tax schemes?

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Warning for Property Advisors

As many of our clients and contacts are aware, the changes to the Fixtures rules that came partly into force in April 2012 have seen significant changes to how capital allowances are tackled when considering the acquisition of second hand commercial property.

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The Autumn Statement & Draft Finance Bill 2014 – Provisions affecting businesses

An update for businesses that like to get ahead and what you should be considering as a result of the Autumn Statement and Draft Finance Bill 2014.

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