Resources Guides 08.12.16

Diversity & Equal Opportunities

From the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015, the highest award made by an employment tribunal in a discrimination claim was £557,039!

This is a staggering figure. We are confident that with our input we can help prevent your organisation from having to face such claims. Our qualified team have produced key policies and processes.  If a Company has inadequate processes to tackle issues such as discrimination then they face the risk of potential claims which are not only costly but could damage the firm’s reputation. Existing staff could feel demoralised working for an organisation that has faced bad publicity and been accused of something such as discrimination.

With ever increasing competition, organisations need to stand out from their competitors and be an ‘employer of choice’. To become an ‘employer of choice’ an organisation should establish a framework of relevant policies and procedures that will help to manage diversity and provide equality of opportunity for everyone.  The introduction of the Equality Act 2010 further emphasises the need for clear policies such as bullying & harassment, grievance and disciplinary.

We have provided advice to organisations on flexible working. Examples of which include:

  • compressed hours
  • job-sharing
  • working from home
  • zero hours contracts.

In June 2014, the law changed and the right to request flexible working was extended to all employees where previously the right was only granted to parents and carers. Employers need to understand how to respond to such requests and our team can assist with this. Employment legislation sets out clear timelines and requirements to manage requests. Our team are available to interpret the law for you. We can also draft letters and meeting scripts for you to reduce the burden of managing the process on your own.

Embracing diversity within an organisation brings numerous advantages with it. An organisation will benefit from the variety of concepts and solutions introduced by a diverse workforce. This could enable them to understand a diverse customer base better which could increase business. Top talent could be drawn to a firm who value diversity.

If you have any concerns about possible discrimination, within your Company, then it’s worthwhile giving us a call before a small issue escalates. We can also deliver diversity training to your employees to increase their awareness on this topic.