Resources Guides 08.12.16

Dynamic accounting – FAQs

How will I know if my business could benefit from outsourcing?
The CBW Dynamic Accounting team will work with you to produce a free and no-obligation proposal which details the costs and benefits your business could enjoy from outsourcing its accounts department or outsourcing an individual component, whether that’s the bookkeepers, accounts assistants, financial controller or finance director.

How does CBW Dynamic Accounting differ (from an “ordinary accountant”?)
Out with the old – in with the new! Historically, accountants only turn up once a year and review historical information, which is not ideal to understand the business you are in today. We focus on today by delivering the management information required to make decisions. This will provide you with the insight and expertise you need to make strategic decisions for your business. The CBW Dynamic Accounting team will help you to manage cashflow, quantify opportunities, support the board in decision making and enable on-time bespoke management information specific to your needs.

Will outsourcing work for small companies?
Traditionally businesses have felt compelled to have their own accounts team But this comes with the usual costs and challengesof employing people. When you outsource you eliminate the cost of recruiting and save time, money and hassle on an ongoing basis. Our CBW Dynamic Accounting will accurately match your business needs with a finance team that you control but we manage.

How much money can I expect to save by outsourcing by accounts department?
At CBW Dynamic Accounting we find that, in most cases, the outsourced solution saves businesses at least 30% of the cost of an in-house team. Additional benefits of outsourcing include greater flexibility, full cover and zero employee related issues.

Will the CBW Dynamic Accounting team come to my office?
We will assess the best logistical option for your business. Some clients prefer our team on site, whilst others prefer our team to work off site. Flexibility is the key.

What kinds of businesses are best suited to outsourcing?
If your business is growing rapidly, is under stress or considering major change, outsourcing could prove invaluable. Contact us if you would like a free, no-obligation proposal on outsourcing your accounts department.

How do you implement outsourcing?
We come to you and work on a plan to ensure you receive the best outsourced solution. This is fully flexible. The transition to an outsourced accounts department is relative simple.

Do I have to replace my existing accounts team?
No. We can work with your existing team. The difference we can make, is managing them more effectively.