Resources Guides 08.12.16

Recruitment & Selection

Finding the right person for a role is not always as easy as you think. Our team can assist you in finding the most suitable person for any vacancies you have. We can ensure that job descriptions, person specifications and adverts are structured clearly with defined criteria for the role. This will help attract your target talent pool and get the right candidates through your door.

Our advice will enable you to carry out effective interviews that combine competency based questions and technical ones. If required, a member of our team can also sit on an interview panels for you.  With our guidance your interviews can be conducted within the confines of employment law. Interviews may not be your only tool for recruitment. Our HR Consultants can organise aptitude testing for your selected candidates to complete. Our tests focus on numeracy, grammar and spelling.

Once the right candidate has accepted the role it is important that they are integrated into the organisation. Inductions are integral in introducing new employees to their new working environment and colleagues. We can provide assistance in this area.

Organisations can face fines up to £20,000 per person if they are discovered to be employing illegal workers. This penalty could be waived if the Company can prove that they conducted thorough ‘right to work’ checks. We have recently worked with several companies to create new starter documentation to help avoid such penalties. The HR Consultancy team has also provided guidance on work permit issues, the application process and the complex visa tier system. Through us you can access migration specialists. 2016 brings with it changes in the Tier system. Get in touch so we can guide you through in good time.

Similarly, ease your workload and let us conduct DBS and professional qualification checks for you.

Social media is a critical tool in recruitment and if you want to discover how to use it to your advantage, during recruitment campaigns, then our HR Consultants can provide tips on this. As an organisation we actively use social media in all our own recruitment campaigns and are keen to share our success stories with our clients.

We are pleased to also be able to offer you our direct hire service. We have a strong relationship with a talent acquisition agency that sources top talents on behalf of us and our clients. The roles that the agency recruits for can be across the board and across all levels.