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Tax investigations and disputes

Governments around the world have over the recent year taken considerable steps to clamp down on individuals and companies over tax avoidance. Tax authorities are colluding with one another and sharing financial information.  At home too, the HMRC is cracking down hard and is always looking at new legislation to further lessen tax avoidance schemes. It has invested sizeable sums into sophisticated data mining and interrogation tools and has an immense amount of data at its disposal and upon which to conduct its investigations.

Facing a tax investigation isn’t something you should contemplate doing alone. By the time HMRC contacts you or your firm in regard to an investigation, it already has more information at its disposal that you could imagine. It’s a stressful time and often a very time consuming one too.

You might be asking why you’ve been singled out. There are many events that could trigger an tax investigation and tax penalty, including:

  • A late return
  • Significant variations in your accounting ratios
  • An omission in a return
  • Or just simply random. They do that you know!
  • Plus a host of others

HMRC outline their investigation process in a Code Of Practice (COP9). This helps set the scene and some expectations. It also outlines your recourse if you cannot come to an agreement with them and decide to dispute their actions, through a right to appeal.

Every situation is unique and our expert tax investigations and disputes team have a wide range of experience to call upon. We are skilled at supporting clients through the various stages a tax investigation can take. It doesn’t matter if your affairs are purely domestic or have an international dimension to them, our experts can help you through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Further information

If you’re facing a tax investigation or need help with a tax penalty or tax dispute with HMRC, we have friendly and knowledgeable experts that understand your personal or business situation and can help you today.

Contact a member of the tax team for more information and find out how we could help you.