BSIA Broadcast: Unlocking your financial wellbeing in lockdown

14:00 - 14:30

In this short broadcast we will explore financial wellbeing and look at the following hot topics, covering off the problems, solutions and opportunities as we see them:

• The state of the nation.

• How has the pandemic affected businesses?

• Government assistance. How to access and what to be mindful of.

• Fiscal Policies. How helpful are they?

• What is financial wellbeing? How to protect now and plan for the future.

• The importance of partnerships.

• How can CBW Help?

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

BSIA members are responsible for more than 70% of privately provided UK security products and services (by turnover) including the manufacture, distribution and installation of electronic and physical security equipment and the provision of security guarding and consultancy services. Their members are industry professionals ranging in size from global companies to small and medium enterprises, offering quality products and services to a vast spectrum of end-users.

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