A fresh look at IHT planning – CBW Client seminar

17:00 - 18:15

On 27 February we will be delivering a presentation on how to plan for Inheritance Tax following the many legislative changes that have taken place over recent years.   We recommend that our clients review their IHT planning on an annual basis to ensure it is up to date, and where appropriate with family members, where intergenerational planning is required, which is becoming more and more likely.  If you haven’t any planning in place, we strongly believe that the best way to minimise this tax for your beneficiaries is to structure your finances effectively now. The seminar will focus on three areas:

What is IHT?
We will start our seminar with an overview of what IHT really means, and what is the total tax take from this ‘voluntary tax’ that the Government will demand should you put no planning in place?  We will look at the available allowances and clear up any confusions around the main residence nil rate band and how to avoid issues that can arise in terms of the main residence and any other properties, to include capital gains tax.  We will also look at charitable giving and how to do this as tax efficiently as possible.

Death Planning:
What provisions can you put in place now?  Can you plan together as a family and where do you need the help of an advisor when thinking about the long term and what will happen in the event of your death (and other members of your family) ?  Such areas will include wills and probate, marriage, divorce and bankruptcy after death, intestacy and intergenerational IHT.

Lifetime planning:
What provisions can you put in place and what tax planning can you do now, whether you are 25 or 95, to protect your and your beneficiaries’ wealth in the long term? Examples of areas we will discuss include allowances, gifts, trusts and BPR.

Our seminar will be designed to give you a straightforward overview of the above topics, avoiding the unnecessary technicalities but enough for you to understand what might present you and your family with ideas and opportunities  to preserve your wealth and save tax.  Our team of experts will be on hand afterwards to talk to you and your families, who if appropriate we recommend you bring along.  We will be putting on subsequent seminars to drill down further into some of these topics, or we would be very happy to offer complimentary meetings to provide you and your family with the knowledge needed.