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HR Consultancy

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HR advice and support

Our team of qualified and knowledgeable HR professionals will tailor our support to your particular needs and provide legally compliant advice in line with best practice. We support clients with all aspects of HR, be it providing an employment contract, advising on a sickness absence issue, attending disciplinary meetings, producing your gender pay gap report, or looking at your succession planning.

Immigration advice and services

Specialising in all aspects of business immigration, we help businesses assess their immigration needs and plan the most cost-effective way to support their goals. With a track record of helping clients of varying sizes and in different sectors, you can be confident that we will find the best solution for you, be it successfully obtaining a sponsor licence or ensuring individuals with the skills you need are able to enter and stay in the UK working for you.


Our payroll team is extremely knowledgeable and professional, working hand in hand with FDs and business owners to relieve the payroll burden and alert them to areas that need their attention. We can take care of anything, looking after all your routine payroll processing, payrolling of benefits and BACs payments.

Integration of CBW services

Our service offering lines are fully integrated and when appropriate we are able to share information to ensure each team has access to all the knowledge our clients require. Many of our clients have their accountancy and tax services looked after by CBW so we can work together with different teams to bring a collaborative approach to client service.