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HR Consultancy

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Practical and straightforward HR support tailored to the needs of your business.

Our insight into best employment practices, ever evolving legislation and hands-on experience of delivering HR initiatives can help improve your business performance. As we build a relationship with you, we are in a unique position to assist with all aspects of human resources and immigration, freeing you to focus on running your business.

When you outsource your HR requirements to CBW you can be confident of people strategies that are bespoke to your business and compliant with employee legislation.

Bespoke support

You can outsource your HR requirements to CBW either providing a fully outsourced function, acting as additional technical support to in-house teams or taking on bigger projects outside of your capacity. You can be confident that we will tailor our approach to your company size, sector, growth ambitions and change objectives, and remain proactive as programmes are implemented. Working as an integrated part of your business, we are flexible about adapting to evolving circumstances.

Best practice and legal compliance

Frequent updates to employment legislation make it difficult for businesses, especially those without resources dedicated to HR, to remain fully compliant with its requirements. You can rely on us to keep you abreast with all the current developments that impact your business as well planning for the future changes.

Restructures, redundancy and TUPE transfers

Our HR experts will help you align your employees behind any change initiative and manage changes in resource requirements, including redundancies. We can help with the strategic vision of the restructures as well as the staff consultations and related paperwork requirements.

The protection of health and the promotion of wellbeing are important factors in sustaining attendance at work and supporting job satisfaction.

It is your responsibility as an employer to provide a working and living environment for your team which minimises risk to employee health and promotes positive wellbeing.  It is likely that you are fulfilling most of these requirements already, however CBW can work with you to ensure you are applying all the positive measures required to ensure an effective wellbeing programme and that this is communicated to and recognised by your staff. Some of the areas in which we make recommendations include:

  • Providing an environment for any staff who have health problems that may affect their work or study in which they will receive suitable support
  • Promoting the health and wellbeing of everyone via your management policies, information networks such as mental health promotion campaigns and an Employee Assistance Programme which would be accessed via your benefits system
  • Providing everyone with access to mental health support and trained mental health first aiders
  • Encouraging your staff to confidentially declare any relevant health or wellbeing matters to ensure you put in all the appropriate measures to support them

For more information, take a look at our Mental Health and Wellbeing Booklet.

Disciplinary, absence, performance issues, disputes and mediation

We will help facilitate active dialogue between the leadership, management and wider employee base within your business, and work with you when specific issues arise, ensuring they are dealt with pragmatically, fairly and within the legal framework. Our team can mediate and help facilitate resolutions around specific issues and grievances that may arise, avoiding the need for formal and legal processes.

Employment contracts, employee handbooks, letters and meeting scripts

Fully legally compliant and tailored to reflect your business needs, all the documentation provided by us will help set the expectations and guide the relationship with your employees, as well as ensure the communication lines within the business are open and transparent.

Sponsor Licence compliance, business immigration, visa applications, Brexit implications

To find out more, please see our Immigration services page.

We have a dedicated brochure, Doing business in the UK – New employee set up process, which has been produced to help any organisation which is contemplating doing business in the UK.

It has been put together by our HR Consultancy team and therefore will focus on all issues relating to labour and employment rules in the UK.

The information in this document is effective as of October 2021, and should be used for guidance only, please seek professional advice and further information before making any decisions.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team about the tax implications, accounting and reporting and other areas relating to setting up a business in the UK, please contact

In addition to ad-hoc projects we also work with clients on a fully outsourced retainer basis, covering all your HR needs. If required, we are able to set up a HR system platform your easy storage, access and visibility of employee data, including self-service functionality.

Our clients have the reassurance that any employment related matters can be managed independently and will always comply with employment legislation. We take away the burden of employee relations allowing you to concentrate on other business priorities. Our HR Consultancy team prides itself in taking the time to understand our client’s needs and being flexible in our approach to meet their requirements. We are aware that HR advice cannot come in a ‘one size fits all’ package and that every organisation has different priorities and cultures. Our clients’ needs may vary depending on their size or sector and our advice is tailored accordingly.

We have had the pleasure of working with clients from a broad spectrum of sectors which has given us fantastic insight into different working environments and HR matters. We really value this experience and know that it is a contributing factor in the success of our HR Consultancy. We have worked closely with our clients and listened to their requirements, enabling us to provide appropriate ad hoc advice. We touch base with our clients regularly just in case their priorities change. This means any changes can be communicated to all key stakeholders in a timely fashion.

As part of our offering we are able to process your payroll and ensure you are fully compliant with the complex pension legislation. The service can include ongoing monitoring and BACS payments if required.

We can help you find and retain the right talent for your business. We also offer assistance in allocation of resources, working in partnership with the leadership of each business unit to ensure the best result.

Salary benchmarking and flexible benefits platforms

We can work with you to develop and implement pay and benefits packages tailored to your business; we can undertake sector specific salary benchmarking exercises and, if required, help you set up a flexible benefits platform to reward and engage your employees.

We can also help you to produce a benefits brochure for your employees, click here to view CBW’s Benefits Brochure as an example.