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Why choose CBW Payroll Services and how are we different?

Expertise and experience
CBW has had a dedicated payroll team for nearly 40 years. We process the payroll for 100s of entities each month; many of those clients have in excess of 100 employees. We also work with sole traders, who enjoy giving us all the complexities to manage around their own payroll so they can focus on running their business. Our payroll team is extremely knowledgeable and professional, working hand in hand with FDs and business owners to relieve the payroll burden and alert them to areas that need their attention.

At times there are complexities within every payroll, but there is nothing our payroll team hasn’t seen and such expertise includes:

  • Multi-site clients
  • Clients with multiple PAYE schemes
  • Payrolling the benefits 
  • Processing share options through the payroll
  • Auto enrolment specialists
  • BACS service for many clients
  • Clients with 100s of employees with varying requirements

We act for international groups who are required to have a UK payroll to support their UK presence. We can advise as to whether you need to register for UK PAYE and require payroll support going forward.

DPNI schemes

In a world where employees can set up their ‘office’ from anywhere and flexible working has become ‘the norm’, at CBW we are helping more and more individuals to make sure they meet their payroll and tax obligations, where they are now technically deemed to be UK resident, but their employer is based overseas.

As a UK resident, you will now be obliged to pay income tax and national insurance (NI). However, if your employer does not have a UK presence, they will be unable to set up a UK payroll and therefore the responsibility falls to you, the employee. As your employer is based overseas, the process of setting up a payroll is not straightforward and you will likely need to use a DPNI scheme.

Find out more about when to use a DPNI scheme in our dedicated article.

The team
You will always deal with the same payroll contact – continuity and relationships are very important to us.

The payroll team forms part of our HR consultancy team which means we have access to all the knowledge our clients require when it comes to areas such as employment contracts, terminations, sick pay, pensions and auto enrolment, to name a few. There will always be times when a simple payroll has complexities and we have the expertise at our fingertips to ensure that all our clients’ legal obligations are fulfilled. We have seen everything!

Our pricing
Unlike many payroll providers, we charge one price for payroll processing from start to finish; any additional add-ons would be quoted for and agreed with you prior to the work being carried out. In the world of payroll no month is the same and costs can quickly incur when so many payroll providers charge extra for additional changes to each payslip. At CBW, all changes are included in your monthly cost, such alterations may include: pro rata adjustments, leavers and joiners, calculating maternity/paternity pay, bonuses and commission, redundancy pay, calculating student loans, tax and NI and attachment of earnings orders (AEOs), to name a few.

Easy access, secure portal
Your company portal for employees (payslips) and employers (to pick up your reports) will of course use your company branding which means your staff are much more likely to interact with it.  Each employee will be given their own e-payslip portal login that can be accessed in real time; it will include all payslips, plus P60s and P45s, and this is included in the cost.

25% of our payroll clients request a bespoke monthly report. Generally, there is no additional cost for this and as our payroll software can produce hundreds of unique reports, we can work with you to identify the report that gives you the best quality information to assist with your decision making and strategic planning. This would be sent to your secure employer portal and the set up of this is included in the price.

Liaising with HMRC on your behalf
We will handle all submissions to HMRC and if instructed we are happy to liaise with HMRC on your behalf, saving you time and lowering your stress levels. We will also ensure that you are fully compliant with HMRC’s requirements, saving you any potentially large penalties.

We are a sector focused firm so if you are, for example, a retail client, we are aware of the complexities when it comes to staff turnover, hours, holidays and commissions. One size does not fit all.

Many of our clients have all their accountancy services looked after by CBW so we can work together with different teams to bring a collaborative approach to client service. If, for example, a client is going through a period of change and there are TUPE issues, this would be communicated automatically to the payroll team and we would ensure the appropriate conversations are had and everything is dealt with properly and legally.

Protecting your data
All our systems are highly secure and in the cloud, including payslips, which fulfils CBW’s environmental policies but also means your data is safe and trackable.

We engage new clients all the time and switching your payroll to CBW is easy and safe.

What next?
If you would like to discuss your payroll needs and find out how we can help you, please get in touch with Rebecca Aimey.