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To guarantee you expert property tax advice, CBW has a dedicated in-house team with significant experience in property tax issues.

Property tax is a complex and constantly changing subject, made more difficult by obscure legislation. Given widespread property ownership in the UK, tax issues can have significant consequences for many individuals and they also have a big impact on the many businesses related to the property industry.

Effective tax planning is a serious challenge for anybody investing in property, or developing or managing properties because there is no standard solution to minimise tax. Instead, a bespoke strategy is required to match expectations with achievable goals.

If property is your business or your property business requires expansion, consolidation or re-organisation, our team could assist you with some of the following areas:

  • Capital allowances
  • Property ownership structure advice
  • Revenue tax relief and tax efficient funding
  • Land remediation tax relief
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Property inheritance tax and capital gains planning
  • Maximising recoverable VAT
  • Property tax related negotiations with HMRC
  • Non-domicile property tax issues

Re-leased Property App

Re-Leased is one central hub for property management and accounting, bringing together all your people, accounts, lease management, inspections and maintenance and more. Designed for landlords and property managers with commercial and mixed portfolios, Re-Leased is built on a foundation of intelligence, automation and mobility. Complex tasks are simplified and streamlined, giving you back time so you can focus on growing your business. CBW has been working with Re-Leased for three years, working together to help clients simplify and streamline the complex process of managing their property portfolios.

The property and construction sector can be complex and challenging when it comes to tax planning. Well-considered tax advice is essential at every stage of the development process.

CBW’s property team are expert in providing integrated solutions to property investors, developers, house builders and building contractors. We work with some of the most recognised individuals in the property and construction market in London and the Home Counties.

With close links to property and land agents and an unrivalled knowledge of the tax implications involved in construction, our team is able to offer you and your business considered tax advice at every stage of the property cycle.

Working with CBW you will have access to advisors who not only understand your issues, but also appreciate that all developments are unique.

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Many people are attracted to property investment because property values tend to increase at a greater rate than inflation. Quick gains are not guaranteed, however. A long-term outlook is essential.

Values do fluctuate and dealing costs are significant, so investments need to be carefully organised particularly if a large part of the finance will be by way of mortgage. The right structure depends on what you are trying to achieve.

CBW could help you tackle the necessary questions and provide you with considered advise to help you with your needs.

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Even though you are not resident in the UK, the UK, like most countries, taxes overseas residents on rental income from UK properties.  In the case of residential properties, it also taxes capital gains but currently does not seek to tax capital gains realised by non-residents on commercial properties or land.

CBW’s property team is expert in providing non-resident property owners with considered tax advice to minimise tax positions and maximise UK investment.

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The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) is an annual charge on UK residential properties that are held through a company. The charge is aimed at properties which are occupied by the owner of the company (or certain connected persons) on visits to the UK.  It is payable even if the owner pays a full market rent to occupy the property.

ATED creates a dilemma for non-residents who invest in UK residential property or want a UK pied-a-terre for when they visit the UK.

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Separation and divorce are one of life’s most stressful events, and it is probably fair to say that amidst the upheaval the tax consequences of ending the union are not at the forefront of anyone’s mind.

In any separation or divorce, the family home and pension scheme are likely to be the main assets. Following separation or divorce the home may be transferred to one party as part of the divorce settlement, sold immediately or remain in joint ownership and be sold once the children have grown up. The tax consequences of each of these can be very different.

It is essential to take tax advice at an early date, leaving it too long risks limiting your options.

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Many people think that tax can be minimised by carrying out UK property transactions through an offshore structure. Unfortunately this is rarely the case because the UK has extensive anti-avoidance legislation to counter the use of such structures.

But the position can be different, even for a UK resident, if you are not domiciled in the UK (non-dom). Domicile is a difficult concept and HMRC will not normally rule on a person’s domicile status.

CBW can advise you on your domicile status. If we think you are probably non-dom and you are prepared to leave the profit on your transaction overseas, an offshore structure can often be very tax efficient.

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