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Practical, relevant and cost effective advice on taxation

CBW’s tax specialists deliver clear advice, cutting through the complexity of tax codes and regulation and determining the scale of impact for corporations and individuals.

We support every size of company from small businesses to listed companies with comprehensive business tax strategies. Detailed plans are designed based on each client’s size, sector and operating environment.

We also work with individuals to meet their short and long term objectives, taking time to understand personal circumstances and whether interests are purely domestic or also overseas.

The CBW tax team includes Robert Maas, one of the most recognised and highly commended tax experts in London. Together, Robert and the CBW tax team have a wealth of experience and industry insight, so they’re able to understand your situation and provide the best advice and support possible.

Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a listed company, we work with you to implement strategies that best support your company within its operating environment. Our goal is to provide advice and support when you need it and to manage the tax efficiency of your business.

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The key to providing effective personal tax planning and advice service is ‘getting personal’. We will work with you to understand your individual circumstances, be those purely domestic or overseas, and make sure that we keep you up to date in an ever changing environment.

Find out more about our private client services by visiting our private client services page.

CBW has a dedicated team of property tax experts able to help you; whether you’re a property developer or individual looking for advice around the complexities of taxation at home or overseas.

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Tax investigations and disputes can be very stressful and have a significant financial impact. With a great deal of experience acting for clients in these situations, both individuals and corporations. CBW is here to help. We make sure the investigation is handled correctly and professionally from the outset This is critical in securing the best outcome.

HMRC’s main information power is Schedule 36 of the Finance Act 2008, which entitles them to require a taxpayer to provide information or to produce a document if the information is reasonably required by HMRC.  Please click here for more information on Schedule 36.

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Out tax consultants can advise you on how to structure your operations to minimise VAT risks and guide you through the minefield of legislation.

The CBW team are qualified to help international companies setting up business in the UK with their VAT concerns. Please read our dedicated brochure, Doing business in the UK – A tax perspective, to find out more.

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It is becoming ever more common for businesses and individuals to have a focus overseas. At CBW we work with colleagues from across our international association, DFK International, to advise clients on how best to structure their affairs and manage their global footprint.

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The UK continues to be one of the most attractive places for global businesses to locate to in the world. Our dedicated brochure, Doing business in the UK – A tax perspective, covers what companies, Partnerships and LLPs need to consider as well as VAT issues that need to be considered.

Our team specialise in corporate valuations for a wide range of different purposes including litigation, divorce, EMI and other tax related matters.

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