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NHS pension scheme – Should I stay or should I go?

Joe Hawes, Chartered Financial Planner at CBW takes a closer look at the NHS pension and whether staying in the scheme is a smart move, given the successive restrictions introduced by the Government which are increasingly catching members off guard.


The importance of keeping wills and intergenerational planning up to date

In a world where legislation is changing at an alarming rate, we are seeing an increasing number of clients coming to us, who are facing significant problems and/or financial loss due to ineffective or out of date death planning.


How to position your portfolio under the new President

Donald Trump winning the US election has been another blow for the pollsters and the bookmakers. For now we all deal with the reality that he is the next President of the United States and the media circus that goes with that.


Business Protection – Is your business protected in the event of a death or illness of a co-owner?

In the initial stages of setting up a company, the focus is naturally on making that business successful and profitable. Often, however, little or no thought is given to what would happen to the co-owners of the business, in the event of their death or illness.


Picture your future – Cashflow Planning

A breakthrough in understanding your financial position through your lifetime


Are you ready for pension changes on 5 April 2016?

The latest changes to drawdown pensions have been warmly welcomed and are available to those aged 55 or over wishing to access their pension funds.


Pension changes approaching – Are you protected?

The Government has made fundamental changes to pensions that affect all of us.